Planned Investment Programme

This is when items in your property are replaced when they can no longer be repaired or don’t meet an acceptable condition or quality.

In the last three years we have replaced 155 kitchens and fitted 131 new energy efficient boilers.

This year will be another busy year with us replacing a further 46 gas boilers, and kitchens. 24 properties will have new energy efficient electric heating systems, also we will also be replacing 108 properties with new windows.

Internal and external painting is being carried out in various phases.

There is a full list below of where the investment works this year will be carried out, everyone who is having work carried out will be send a letter.

We give our customers choices on products that we deliver in their homes and communal areas. These choices have been for kitchen worktops and wall units, bathroom wall panels, floor coverings, and communal stair painting colours.

Budget Investment and Plans for 2018 -2019

Click the boxes below to see information on the planned investments in homes we are carrying out in 2018-19.

New Boilers and Kitchens
  • Muirhouse Park no 46 to 69
  • Wester Drylaw Place
  • Muirhouse Gardens.
Window Replacements
  • Muirhouse Green 109 to 167
  • Muirhouse Terrace 2 to 42
  • Muirhouse Close 1 to 15
  • Muirhouse Park 31,33,35,49,51,53,55
New Electric Heating Systems
  • Muirhouse Green 167,109,163,165
  • Muirhouse Park 49,51,53
  • Muirhouse Terrace no 2
  • Muirhouse Avenue North 1-7
Painting internal stairs and external houses and blocks
  • Muirhouse Green 109 to 167
  • Muirhouse Terrace 2 to 42
  • Muirhouse Close 1 to 15
  • Muirhouse Park 31,33,35,49,51,53,55

Homes fit for the future

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard is an agreed standard of good quality housing, which all local authorities and social landlords must meet. More information can be found at

Every three years we carry out a Stock Condition surveys which provide us with information about the internal and external areas of the properties we own. The surveys help us plan and prioritise the work that needs to be carried out to your homes over the next few years.

We are working on our investment in our stock to make sure our homes meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, developed by the Scottish Government, which aims to help improve the energy efficiency of the social housing stock in Scotland.

Where required some properties to improve insulation and energy efficiency, helping reduce fuel poverty.

 Cyclical Maintenance

Each year we carry out work to keep our properties and equipment in good repair and working order.

This can include:

  • Annual gas safety checks and maintenance of MH4-owned gas appliances, carbon monoxide, smoke, heat and detectors.
  • Checking large water storage tanks regularly to minimize the risk of Legionnaires disease.
  • Maintaining communal landscaped areas.
  • Painting external properties and internal communal areas.
  • Roof Repairs (when required).
  • Door.

If your property is to have any works done from any of the above, you will be notified in writing with details about the contract, what to expect, estimated timescales, and anything you need to do to prepare for the works. Please always remember to check a contractor’s identification badge, if you are unsure call the office.

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