On this page you can find links to different areas of our Performance as a housing association.

We report to the Scottish Housing Regulator on our performance annually. You can see our performance on the charter and our financial reporting on the Scottish Housing Regulator’s website. If you follow the direct link HERE, you will be taken directly to their website with the reports about Muirhouse Housing Association.

We also create a number of reports ourselves, they are available for download in the sections below.

Quarterly Performance Reports

The Quarterly Performance Reports are viewed by our Board of Management every quarter. They have information about our performance on housing services, such as how we deal with complaints and how quickly we carry out repairs on our properties. We also use these reports to compare our performance with other housing associations.

Quarterly Performance Report July - September 2020
Quarterly Performance Reports April - June 2020
Quarterly Performance Report October - December 2019
Quarterly Performance Report July - September 2019
Quarterly Performance Report April - June 2019
Quarterly Performance Report January - March 2019

Landlord Reports

Every year we report to our tenants on our performance against the Scottish Housing Charter. The full report can be seen on the Scottish Housing Regulator’s website, but we write our report in a format that our tenants group has suggested is the best way to ensure it is easy to read and understand the performance. You can find copies of our landlord reports in the section below.

Landlord Report 2019-20
Landlord Report 2018-19
Landlord Report 2017-18

Assurance Statements

As a Housing Association we must operate in line with the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Framework, which requires us to assess our governance structures and arrangements against the Standards of Governance and Financial Management and identify and take any actions needed to comply with the Standards.

If you want to see a copy of the Regulatory Framework you can find it on the Scottish Housing Regulator’s website by clicking THIS link.

it is important for us to understand how we perform against the Standards of Governance and Financial Management set out by the Scottish Housing Regulator, but also to understand where we can improve.
The Scottish Housing Regulator says that a well-governed association that achieves their Regulatory Standards will:

  • deliver good tenant and customer outcomes;
    have effective leadership;
    manage and mitigate risk sensibly;
    manage its resources to ensure its financial health;
    be open and accountable; and
    maintain high ethical standards.

We therefore ask our Board of Management to assess how we operate. When they have done this, they send an annual “Assurance Statement” to the Scottish Housing Regulator to let them know whether we comply with the requirements. Below you can download a copy of our Assurance Statement.

Annual Assurance Statement 2020
Annual Assurance Statement 2019

Our Engagement Plan

Every year the Scottish Housing Regulator decides how they want to engage with us in the upcoming year. They decide this based on the information we report back to them, but also based on any information they get about us, for example through whistleblowing.

Once they have decided how they want to engage with us, they publish our “Engagement Plan”. You can always find it on their website, but you can also download a copy of our current engagement plan by clicking the link below.

Our Delivery Plan

We have a Business Plan, which sets our Strategic Objectives and how we plan to deliver them. Each Business Plan run for a cycle of three years, but some parts of it are renewed every year. Below you can see the delivery plan from our current Business Plan. At the end of the Business Plan year we will report on how we have met the actions in the Delivery Plan.

MHA Summary Delivery Plan 2019-20