When we review our Business Plan we set our Strategic Objectives. We currently have 6 Strategic Objectives that help us focus on what we want to achieve. You can click to see the Delivery Plan for 2019-20 towards each of our Strategic Objectives. At the end of the Financial Year we will publish and update on how we have progressed with achieving the objectives.

MHA Summary Delivery Plan 2019-20

You can also read more about our Strategic Objectives here.

Objective 1 – Deliver Excellent Housing Services

We will strive to improve the impressive levels of performance that we currently achieve against the performance indicators of the Annual Return of the Charter (ARC). Our aim is to be the best possible performing RSL recognised for excellence. We will aim to achieve our ambitious targets in 2019/20 and beyond to drive this level of high performance, continuous improvement and excellent customer service.

Objective 2 – Provide Quality Homes in an Attractive Environment

Effective management of our physical homes will always be our core business. In 2019/20, we will deliver on year 2 of our 3-year Investment Plan 2018-2021 and Asset Management Strategy so that we can articulate to tenants what they can expect over this term in accordance with our 30-year Asset Management Plan.

Objective 3 – Building Stronger Communities

We want to be a significant force in driving positive change and improved life opportunities for those who live in our community. We will therefore continue to work in partnership with the community, local politicians and key public and voluntary sector partners to articulate what this will mean going forward and to promote our Community Development Strategy for MHA.

Objective 4 – Demonstrate Strong Financial Management and Value for Money

We will maintain the solid financial base of the organisation now and in the future. We recognise the need to achieve excellent services and value for money. However, we are also acutely aware of the requirements to ensure affordability of rent levels. We will embed our Value for Money (VFM Strategy) to support our business objectives.

Objective 5 – Develop our Leadership and Staff

We recognise the vital importance of strong and visionary leadership from the Board and senior team to develop our staff to be the best they can be. In 2019/20, we will build on this continuing our annual performance evaluations in line with our Performance Management Policy to ensure all parties understand the vision, values, strategic direction and delivery commitments of the organisation and their part in achieving same.

Objective 6 – Seek Maximise Our Opportunities for Growth

In 2019/20, we will explore business development opportunities for our subsidiary company Muirhouse Homes Ltd (MH4) to examine the potential for growth in the area e.g. in other social enterprise activities linked to our community development agenda.
We will explore any opportunity to work with partners to contribute to the City of Edinburgh Council’s targets for new build provision within the Muirhouse area and beyond. Any options pursued will be supported by robust business planning, financial modelling, discussion with key stakeholders and feasibility studies prior to seeking Board approval.