Vision and Values Mission Statement

We have a vision for MHA that we will be the landlord of choice in the Muirhouse neighbourhood. Working with our customers, communities, the Council and local organisations to create an area where people choose and are happy to live. With our strong and positive reputation in the area and physical presence, we also continue to act to strengthen the community; playing a key role in attracting mixed investment to improve the facilities, resources and opportunities in the area. Our goal is to have MHA play a leading role in bettering the lives of our residents and their families.


The following values shape how we do business to achieve our mission and the strategic objectives set out in this plan. They underpin all the work that we do.

✓ Excellence – Across the MHA Group, we are committed to providing a high quality, customer focused service that demonstrates value for money, delivered by great staff. We will publicise information on how we are performing, welcoming challenge and feedback to continuously improve the effectiveness and relevance of the service we provide.

✓ Accountability – Our governing body and leadership team will provide strong strategic leadership and oversight, ensuring tenants’ interests are protected and at the forefront of all that we do. We will ensure that our actions are transparent.

✓ Partnership Working – We will work collaboratively with all sections of the local community. This includes working collectively and individually with our customers and with other statutory, voluntary sector partners plus private organisations working in Muirhouse and the surrounding area to improve the lives of our residents. We will continue to be a proactive and leading member of the local community, seeking out new, innovative ways to address issues that impact Muirhouse residents.



“To work in partnership with the local community to provide homes and create a better Muirhouse”

MHA Vision