We hope you don’t ever have to complain but we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. If you do have to complain, then we will use what we’ve learned to help improve our services to you.

You can complain to us about things like:

• Delays in replying to your enquiries and requests
• Our standard of service
• Dissatisfaction with our policy
• Treatment by or attitude of a staff member or contractor

Our complaints procedure has two stages:




Stage 1

Is where a complaint can be dealt with quickly and effectively by the member of staff you speak to and we must resolve your complaint within 5 working days.

Stage 2

Is where we need time to investigate your complaint and this time we have 20 working days to resolve it.

Whenever you tell us that you are dissatisfied with the way we’ve handled things, we record that as a complaint. We also record whether your complaint has been confirmed and is justified (upheld) or not verified or supported (not upheld).  For more information see our Leaflet ‘How to Make a Complaint’

'How to make a complaint'

Customer Complaints Leaflet

If you wish to make a complaint through our website, click the button below and fill in the form.

Significant Performance Failure

If you are a tenant of a registered social landlord (RSL), such as a housing association or co-operative, or if you are a council tenant, you can report a significant performance SPF to the Scottish Housing Regulator. A group of tenants or an individual acting on behalf of tenants, such as representative of a registered tenants’ organisation, can also report a SPF.

The below explains what an SPF is and how you can report an SPF.

Complaints Info