Meet Eric Hollanders

Eric joined the Board in a Casual Vacancy in May 2018. With his extensive knowledge, specifically in finance, but also in many other areas, he has contributed to countless important discussions at Board Meetings. He also joined our Audit and Risk Committee. Here, his skill-sets allow him to use his excellent eye for more in-depth scrutiny.

Eric is an astute and shrewd business strategist. Highly client-centric, he thrives on complexity and over delivers whether in growth or in crisis; he initiates action, engagement and excitement; gains buy-in-advance fundamental change; and repositions the company to fortify and sharpen the competitive edge. He possesses deep knowledge encompassing all facets of baking operations, placing emphasis on meeting customer needs and providing exemplary service.

Eric and Pascale Adriaens will, sadly, both be leaving us in September 2022. We are very fortunate to have benefitted from their insight and knowledge over the past four years. We are extremely grateful for their dedication to MHA and wish them well in their future endeavours.