Muirhouse Housing Association owns 60 high quality homes for Mid Market rent in Macgill Drive and Randall Place, Edinburgh which are managed by Muirhouse Homes as landlord.

We have 3-bedroom houses (4) and 2-bedroom flats (56).  These are looked after by our experienced Housing Officers: Stephanie Sedstrem and Susanne Connell.

See below for a list of frequently asked questions:




What is Mid Market Rent?

Mid Market Rent (MMR) is a term used to describe flats or houses let by the subsidiary company of a Housing Association.  The rent is usually higher than the rent charged by the Councils and Housing Associations, but much less than the rent from Private Landlords.

Who is it for? And how much is the rent?

Mid Market Rent flats and houses are for working people who may not be a priority for social rented homes, but cannot afford to buy their own property or to rent privately.

You and anyone applying with you must have an income of between £22,000 and £43,443 per year. The main person applying must be living or working in Edinburgh and be over 18 years old.

How are the homes allocated?

We will give priority to people who are:

  • Staying in Edinburgh who are tenants of the Council or a Housing Association
  • Serving and ex-service armed forces personnel and their families
  • Registered with Edindex, the common housing register for Edinburgh.

We then look at who has been registered on Edindex the longest. If no one is registered on Edindex, we then sort applications by date the application was received.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will have to pay a deposit of one month’s rent. This is a security deposit and will be used to meet the costs of any damage caused to the property or for any unpaid rent after you have left.

We protect this deposit by transferring the funds to My Deposit Scotland, under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (Scotland) Regulations.

Who is responsible for maintaining the property?

Muirhouse Housing Association manages the properties for the landlord, Muirhouse Homes and all the repairs are completed to a high standard and meet the Scottish Government’s Repairing Standard for private housing.

Tenants are liable for the cost of repairs caused by fault or negligence by them or any members of the household or visitors.

Are the properties fully furnished?

Our properties are not fully furnished but we provide carpets in the hall, bedrooms and living room and, vinyl floor covering in the kitchen and bathroom.  We also provide an electric oven and gas hob.  The kitchens are generously sized, and have space for a washing machine, fridge freezer and either a tumble dryer or a dish washer.

Will I be allowed to keep a pet?

Pets are not allowed within our Mid Market properties.

Can I smoke in the property?

No, there is no smoking in our properties.

Can i apply or Mid Market Rent if I'm Claiming housing Benefit

No, you must be working and able to pay the full amount of rent without Housing Benefit.

Can I apply for a property with a spare room?

Yes, but we would give priority to an applicant whose household fits the size of the property.

What tenancy agreement would i have?

You would have a Private Residential Tenancy Agreement (PRT).  For more information and impartial advice on PRT Agreements you can visit:

What evidence do i need to provide with the application form?

We will need to see:

  • Copies of your last 3 month’s pay slips
  • Bank statements covering the last 3 months to confirm your income.

You must also make sure that you can afford the rent.  To do this we make sure that the monthly rent is not more than 35% of your monthly income after tax.

We will ask your permission to approach your present or former landlord for a tenancy reference, and to approach your current employer to confirm your employment status and salary.  We may also carry out a credit check.

What happens next?

Once we get your application, we check all the information you have provided to make sure you can be considered for one of our flats.

If you need help filling in the form or you have any questions, please contact

us on 0131 336 5282 or

How do i contact my housing officer

Susanne Connell

Email –

Phone– 07946 530 398

Stephanie Sedstrem

Email –

Phone – 07506 920 006


Can I claim housing benefit if my circumstances change?

Yes – if you lose your job, or your income drops, you can make a claim for Housing Benefit.

If you need help to claim benefits we have a Financial Inclusion Officer who can help you. Please contact your Housing Officer and they will make a referral or you.

How can i complain?

How can I complain?

If you would like to make a complaint or raise a concern you can:

Telephone us on 0131 336 5282 or visit our office between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday – Thursday and 9am and 3.30pm on Fridays.

Email us on:

Write to us at:

Muirhouse Homes

11 Muirhouse Medway



How quickly do you deal with my complaint?

We will deal with a straightforward complaint within 5 working days and will contact you to let you know the outcome.  If the complaint is more complicated and needs some investigation, we will resolve this within 20 working days.

If you need help filling in the form or you have any questions, please contact us on 0131 336 5282 or



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