We own 506 unfurnished properties which are affordable to people on low incomes and are let according to who needs a home the most.

To apply for housing, you must be registered with Edindex. Edindex is a joint waiting list for housing from the council, housing associations and housing cooperatives in Edinburgh. You only need to complete one form and you can apply for homes provided by all Edindex landlords.

Application forms can be picked up directly from our office, any landlord or council office. Alternatively you can download and print a form from here.


Once your application has been processed you will be sent an Edindex reference number and advice on what to do next.

Most social landlords advertise their properties through the choice based letting scheme “key to choice” to allocate their properties. Although we don’t use this scheme, we do shortlist from edindex, this means you can make your 3 weekly bids and still be shortlisted for one of our properties.

Click here for a link to Key to Choice

Our homes are allocated on a points system according to housing need. You can view our Allocations Policy by clicking the button below.