Helen Amour

Helen joined the Board of MHA in 2015. Helen is retired and lives locally. Prior to joining our Board Helen worked as Director of HR and Corporate Services at Melville Housing Association. She has 31 years experience of working in the social housing sector having held both junior and senior roles mainly in Human Resources.

Helen is also currently Chair of our Staffing Subcommittee. She took on the role since 2016.

Helen Armour – Meet the board member



How long have you been on the Board?

I have been a Muirhouse HA Board member for 3 years

Why did you join?

My reasons Joining the Board was to use my knowledge and experience of social housing to help the community I live in. I grew up in Muirhouse and for me there’s no better place to live.

What is the best thing about being on the Board?

The best thing about being on the Board is working as part of a team to do the best for our customers and staff.

What is the most difficult thing about being on the Board?

The worst thing is having to make difficult decisions that impact on both our customers and staff. But knowing we exhaust every avenue as a team before we reach a final decision helps.

Why would you recommend joining the Board?

I would recommend becoming a Board member if you have a vested interest in Muirhouse. No matter what your background is you can still help make a difference. You receive training in a number of areas (good for the cv) and you have an opportunity to meet an interesting group of people.