Laura Calder

Laura is an Audit Manager with a background in quality management and performance. She has extensive knowledge of registered social landlords and is experienced in governance and scrutiny matters.

Laura has a post-graduate diploma in Housing Studies and nearly 10 years operational experience in housing.

Laura is also a member of our Audit and Risk Committee.

Meet the Board Member: Laura Calder

How long have you been on the Board?

3 years.

Why did you join?

At the time I joined MHA was in high engagement, I wanted to volunteer my time & experience to help strengthen governance and help improve the services MHA provides.

What is the best thing about being on the Board?

Working with tenants, staff & fellow board members to make real changes to vital community services.

What is the most difficult thing about being on the Board?

Sometimes we have a lot of information to read in preparation for Board meetings. I always make sure I set time aside so I can review and scrutinise the papers properly.

Why would you recommend joining the Board?

It provides an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact on a local community, families & peoples’ homes, while meeting new people & learning new skills.