Occupying your home

You must live in the house or flat, furnish it and use it as your only home.


You are responsible for decorating your home and making sure that you take good care of the fixtures and fittings.

Being a good neighbour

We want to encourage tenants to be good neighbours and make Muirhouse a place where people can live safely and peacefully.


We recognise that tenants have the right to keep pets in their home, provided they have access to their own garden. We expect that those pets will be looked after and will not be allowed to cause a nuisance to neighbours or a health risk.

Bulk collection

Waste collection is the responsibility of the local authority. We work with the City of Edinburgh Council to make sure that waste collection arrangements are promoted. From time to time, tenants may need to get rid of large items, for example, a sofa or washing machine. This can be arranged by contacting the City of Edinburgh Council on 0131 608 1100.

Rubbish & Recycling

It is important that you;

1) Put your bin out for collection on the correct day

2) Put the bin away as soon as its been emptied

3) If your bin tips over and rubbish is on the street, please pick it up

4) Please recycle and use the correct bins.


If you are in the fortunate position of having your own garden, it is your responsibility to look after it and keep it neat and tidy. We hold a Garden Competition every year in September in which everyone with a garden or window – boxes are invited to enter

Household Insurance

MHA has building insurance which covers our properties – that is the building you live in. However, this policy does not cover your possessions.

We recommend that all tenants have contents insurance which will cover the cost of replacing possessions in the event of damage, theft or flood. For example, your washing may leak and damage your flooring.

Tenancy Agreement

When you become an MHA tenant, you enter into a contract which is your Tenancy Agreement. Your Housing Officer will discuss your rights and responsibilities in detail with you at the start of your tenancy. It is important, however that you take the time to read your tenancy agreement so that you are fully aware of both your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and MHA’s responsibilities as a landlord.

Repair responsibility

The majority of repairs are our responsibility, however there are some that are yours as a tenant.          

Our responsibility as the landlord is to keep the structure, the outside of your home, the plumbing and electric and heating systems we provide in good repair.

As our tenant, you are also responsible for some repairs and some examples are detailed below.

You are responsible for:

  1. 1)  Pest and vermin control (We will repair the building to prevent pest access, if necessary)
  2. 2)  Damage caused through neglect or misuse of the property by you, your family or visitors
  3. 3)  Replacing the smoke alarm battery (We will help if the alarm is inaccessible)
  4. 4)  Replacing light bulbs

Replacing lost keys and meeting the cost of re-entry if you are locked out

You are expected to pay for repairs in your home caused by damage, misuse or neglect.

“A close knit community”