Service Update

We are still following Government Guidelines and reading the daily updates. At the moment, we should all continue to observe the current restrictions, i.e. only having contact with one other household, in the open air, and observing social distancing rules.

We are soon going into Phase 2 of lockdown and we will post another update with more information on what we will be doing.

Stair Cleaning

Our stair cleaning is back up and running for a while now. They will be wiping and cleaning everything down in all our stairs to ensure they are clean and disinfected.

Frequently asked Questions
Why has MHA’s office closed?

We have closed our office following government guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff, tenants and visitors. However, we would like reassure you that we are still available at the end of the phone and you can contact your Housing Officer for help and advice.

What should i do about my rent?

You should continue to make payments towards your rent. We do understand though that some people may have had their income reduced or lost their job. If this has happened to you, please make sure to contact your housing officer soon as possible and they will be able to give some advice.

You can also check the citizen Advice Scotland guide:

If your income has reduced you may be able to claim Universal Credit, visit their website for more information.

For free, practical advice and information on the coronavirus pandemic visit

Is MHA having a rent freeze like some mortgage companies?

No. we’re a social landlord and cant afford to do this. Some of the big banks are allowing people with mortgages to have a break from paying part or all of their monthly payment. But this increases the total amount they owe so its not free money.

If you are having difficulty, the most important things is to contact your Housing Officer straightaway for expert advice.
I have heard some local councils are giving rent free weeks, why isn’t MHA doing this?

We have heard of one council(who charge their rent over 11 months and give ‘rent free’ weeks in July and December) who are bringing this forward to April.

This just means that payments are put of until later in the year. We have never offered ‘rent free’ weeks and so this does not apply to us. However, we will be as flexible as possible when someone contacts us and will continue to give expert support and advice.

Will you still be doing repairs.

Yes, we are still able to do repairs but we have had to limit our service to emergency repairs or those essential to your health and safety only for the moment and we appreciate your understanding at this time. If you are worried about a repair, please report it to us, and our staff will let you know the level of service we are able to provide.

If you phone us about a repair, please let us know if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are self-isolating, or have an underlying health condition so we can work out the best course of action.

Why are gas services still being carried out?

As as gas servicing is essential to your health and safety, we will still arrange for this to be done and the government has agreed that we continue to do so.

When the Lothian Gas engineers calls at your home. please allow the engineer access and then remove yourself to another room whilst the work is being carried out. The engineer will call om you to let you know when work is finished and they are leaving your come. The co-operation with these guidelines and working with all of us to protect Public Health is very much appreciated.

If you are worried about letting someone in your home to carry out this check, please phone to discuss with us beforehand. We can give you advice anealth and safety. We understand that this is frustrating, but your co-operation and understanding is appreciated at this difficult time.

My neighbour is behaving anti-socially, what can I do?

At this difficult time, we are asking people to try to understand as everyone is under a lot of pressure. Understandably there are more people at home including children so there may be more household noise.

If you are concerned, please contact your housing officer to discuss the problem.

Where there are more serious incidents of antisocial behaviour please report this to police, on 101.

What about rubbish being dumped?

It’s important to look after your area in times like these so we do ask everybody to be considerate.

The Council are still carrying out waste collections as normal and we don’t expect this to change so please continue to out your waste bin out at the usual time. Look out for any changes on your local website.

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